Choosing A T-Shirt at Brumano

It should not be shocking that clothing that emerged out as undergarments, and perhaps a staple for young kids, has maintained some of its youthful feel and popularity as one of the most informal of casual clothes. It’s because the reason that fashion enthusiasts support tees having a limited role in a dude’s wardrobe, and really want to highlight that in most other parts of the world, wearing one would make you look messy or even underdressed. 

However, t-shirts do have a robust, iconoclastic past and retain the convenience, accessibility, and usability, which made them wildly popular. They might not be marriage or memorial service wear; however, mainly when worn correctly, they can be fashionable and suited for much more than just going on holiday or the fitness center. Brumano is the best platform if you are looking to buy one for yourself. Here is the link https://www.shopbrumano.com/t-shirts,

How to pick your T-Shirt

Following things must be considered while picking up your shirt:


Fit is the pillar of great style. Even though we always think about this aspect of clothes like a coat and a dress shirt, it’s also crucial to get an excellent fit in your t-shirts.

Size and Tightness 

The t-shirt must not be too droopy or just too tight. If it’s too large, it’s going to drape and look something like a plastic bag, and it’s going to be unattractive.  Too tight, and you’re going to appear like some stuffed sausage—an appearance that can be read as a mixture of arrogant or flashy. If you’re fit and have a strong frame, you can switch to tighter over a bigger size. If you’re bearing, extra fat leans for a looser fit but does not go too far since too much additional clothing can make you appear bigger than smaller.

Seams of The Shoulder

Theoretically, the edges where sleeves are connected to the body must be precisely matched to where the shoulder ends instead of to the lower part of your arm as well as neck.


A tee’s sleeves must reach the upper arm approximately halfway up. Sleeves that stretch farther downwards can appear disproportionate if you’re tall.


The lower hem of a tee must not be bigger than your shoulders. At least reach the waistband, and preferably stretch a couple of inches underneath it. Any smaller and you’re moving into the midriff area, and face the risk of revealing your back or hips while you’re bent over. Bigger than that, and your shirt starts turning into a nightdress.


Ignore boxy tees that carry sleeves like some sandwich board.   You would like the tee to be shaped so that it fits your body’s structure a bit.

Collar and Neckline

Two main types of necklines: 

Crew Collar

This is perhaps the smartest option, and it provides a timeless look. It is ideally suited to men who seem to have a slight outline and structure, as the necklace pulls the viewer’s attention, expanding the neckline and giving the impression of a square back. The crew necklace is also a smart choice for men with longer necks and slender faces as it contrasts and provides balance to all these characteristics.

The V-Neck

The V-neck has a much less traditional look than a crew collar, bringing a slightly further visual appeal and elegance to the regular tee. It’s very well-tailored for a smaller person, as it tends to make one look less boxy as well as adds a touch of length to the look. It also enhances men having round faces. That being said, I would not suggest a V-neck for larger ones, as the v appears to draw attention down to the tummy.